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Wholesale Prices For Vape Shops

Wholesale Prices For Vape Shops
Dodo Distribution was created because brick & mortar vape businesses deserve the same commitment to customer service that Dodo Vape provides their direct-to-consumer retail customers. We are committed to curating a wide, growing selection of high quality, child-resistant, properly sealed, properly labeled, maturely branded products that your customers will love and will sell exceptionally well for your business.
With Dodo Distribution you’ll experience

Full freight subsidy  

Shipping subsidies are available for orders of more than 100 items(The product freight of subsidy part needs to bear by oneself)

Loyalty Rewards    

Earn up to $1000 in store credit(You get a $1 credit line for every $100 you spend)

Wide Selection   

We distribute many of Giant Vapes’ best selling brands and products, including brands available exclusively 

No Credit Card Fees

That's right. You don't have to worry about credit card fees. We'll take care of that for you.

Low MOQ            

100 pieces total across all brands/products (Not 100 bottles/pieces per brand)