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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I contact Dodo Vape?

It's easy! You can tap here to send us an email or give us a call at (English 86-139-2840-9621) or (Chinese 86-158-8964-9093) or (Cantonese 86-158-8964-9093). We respond to all order-related messages (including voicemails) within one business day.

I reached out over a day ago and I haven't heard back.

First, be sure to check in the "Spam" and "Junk" mail folders of your email account. Usually you'll find our reply there if it didn't make it to your inbox! If you don't see our response there, please email us again or call us at (English 86-139-2840-9621) or(Chinese 86-158-8964-9093) or (Cantonese 86-158-8964-9093).

Our customer service staff is in office Monday - Friday between 9:00 am - 5:00 pm China Standard Time. We are closed on the weekends and on holidays. You can always find current closures in the announcements section of our Shipping Policy. We do respond to all messages (including voicemails) as quickly as possible after any holiday closures.

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What is your shipping policy?

Check out our complete Shipping Policy.

When will my order ship?

We ship all Dodo Vape orders out per our 3-7day shipping guarantee. When you receive your tracking number from us, your order has been shipped. For more details, visit the Turnaround section of our Shipping Policy.

Where do you ship from?

We ship all orders in Shenzhen and Hong Kong warehouses 

Can I pick up my order or visit your store?

Dodo Vape is an online only store and does not have a retail storefront. All orders are shipped from our fulfillment center to the address listed on your order. We do not offer pickup options at this time.

My order is awaiting fulfillment, what does that mean?

The Awaiting Fulfillment and Awaiting Shipment order statuses (on your My Account page) are what you’ll see when you have successfully completed your order. These statuses mean that your order is being prepared for shipment by our team.

Your order status will update to "Shipped" when it has shipped, and you'll receive a tracking number via email, during our regular business hours, 9am-5pm  China Standard Time, Monday-Friday.

For questions about returns, please visit our Return Policy.


International orders may be subject to import taxes, duty fees, or other fees and taxes calculated during customs processing. The customer is responsible for paying these charges directly to the customs office or other state or local government agency imposing these fees.

That's a great question. Traditional eliquids (regular ejuices) are made with a form of nicotine directly extracted from tobacco. That nicotine is added to PG and VG along with flavorings to make a regular ejuice. These traditional blends usually range from 0mg (no nicotine at all) to 12mg/ml or 18mg/ml in strength (1.2% or 1.8% nicotine by volume). These e-liquids are pretty versatile, and can be used in a wide variety of devices, just depending on your personal preference and the formulation of the liquid. On the other hand, nicotine salt eliquids contain a different kind of nicotine base. Nicotine salt base, or buffered nicotine, is a combination of tobacco-extracted nicotine with specific acids to reduce the PH level of the nicotine in your eliquid. This makes nicotine salt eliquids less harsh to vape at higher nicotine strengths, so you’ll find them available in much higher nicotine strengths (up to 50mg/ml or 5% by volume). While this makes them ideal for smokers trying to transition to e-cigarettes, it also means that you’ll use these formulations only with low-powered devices intended for nicotine salts. You should never vape nicotine salt e-liquids with sub-ohm tanks and coils, or at high wattages and temperatures, because they contain much more nicotine than standard e-liquids.
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